Wenge Cane Holder
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Wenge Cane Holder

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Having a place to keep your walking cane when you are not using it is very important. It is likely to fall over if left out in the open on the edge of a wall or seat. The Wenge cane holder has a firm grip flat clip that can best be used to hold firm the cane. It is designed with flush brown paint and with silver panel by the side of the flat holder. In keeps the cane in a straight position, the holder is placed on a flat table surface and the walking cane is push right through the clip groove from the top or adjusted by the side and then cramped together to hold the cane.

This accessory is manufactured by Royal Canes

5.0 out of 5 | 6 Total Reviews

I prefer this cane holder. It opens out longer and falls off the table less.
Date published: 04/01/2017
5.0 / 5 stars
My first cane holder was the rubber type with two "clamps". Inevitably, the clamps did not hold well. The wenge holder is a very intelligent device.
Date published: 15/11/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date published: 10/10/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
Date published: 23/06/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
Great low profile design, I would like to see it in black also.
Date published: 08/02/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
The holder works well and is very nice looking. It works well on restaurant tables, cashiers\' counters, and many other places where I used to have a problem knowing what to do with my cane.
Date published: 06/02/2016
5.0 / 5 stars



Cane Sizing Information

Cane Sizing Information



Engraving is now available! Genuine Brass, Steel or Anodized Aluminum plaques are engraved and bent to the curve of the shaft of the cane. Please click on the images below to see more details....

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