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Deep Blue Take A Seat Premium Rollator
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Deep Blue Take A Seat Premium Rollator

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Item #: 501-1012-2100HS

Product Highlights

    • Designed for Safety and Superior Mobility
    • Comes with Straight Padded Backrest
    • Made from Lightweight Aluminum
    • Comes with Four Wheels for Ultimate Traction Control
    • Features Flip-Up Cushion Seat
    • Has Handbrakes
    • Foldable for Storage
    • Comes with Wire Basket

Please Note: This walker is designed for users that weigh up to 300lbs. and up to 6'4" in Height. The minimum user height is 5'8".

Deep Blue Take A Seat Premium Rollator

The assistive walking mobility product line has a new contender in the ranks. While being visually appealing with the various colors of black, blue and silver, this rollator packs many features that cannot be found with others on the market. Starting with a very important safety feature, the hand brakes provide a safe way for you to stop for those times when you need it. In addition, they are able to be locked in place so you can take advantage of the flip-up seat and backrest when a break is needed. There is also a wire basket located under the seat for you to place your belongings.

Next, this rollator can be folded inward that gives the user easier options to store and transport vs. trying to haul around a fully opened rollator. It is also adjustable, which is controlled by two knobs at the top and each side. The four wheels located at the bottom, provide premium traction control. These wheels do swivel.
This walker is manufactured by Premium Mobility


Max User Weight::
300 lbs.
Max User Height::
Minimum User Height::
Assembled Dimensions:
24 x 24 x 36 inches. These are the dimensions of the product once it has been put together. (Length x Width x Height)
Folded Width:
24 Inches. There are 2 levers near the top of the rollator that can be released to fold the 2 support sides inward. This is controled by using 2 buttons.
Handle Height Adjustable Range:
34 to 38 Inches. These settings allow you to find the best setting for normal use.
Recommended User Height:
5'8" to 6'4". If you are within this height, you should not have a problem using this item. These are estimates.
Maximum User Weight:
300 lbs. If you Exceed this weight limit, you should not use this product as it puts your safety at risk.
Product Weight:
15 lbs. The weight of this product is light enough where it should not impede your mobility.
Wheels Included:
Yes. This rollator has 4 wheels.
Hand Comfort & Safety:
There are padded grips on top, along with hand brakes for improved safety.
Width Between Handles:
16 Inches. This is the amount of space between the right and left handle of the rollator.
This rollator is mostly blue with black & grey colors that are found on the seat, backrest, brakes and wheels.
Aluminum. This is one of the most common light-weight materials used in the production of rollators.
For your Comfort:
If you need to sit & rest, you can use the built-in cushioned seat with a padded back rest positioned above.
The wire basket has 2 positions that can be adjusted where you could easily place your personal belongings.

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