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Red Sunset Accent Folding Walker
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Red Sunset Accent Folding Walker

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Item #: 802-1045-0200

Product Highlights

    • Designed for Safety and Superior Mobility
    • Super Easy Two Button Release to Collapse Inward for Storage
    • Made from Lightweight Aluminum
    • Two Slip-Resistanct Rubber Tips in the Back and Two Wheels in the Front for Traction
    • Soft Foam Hand Grips

Please Note: This walker is designed for users that weigh up to 250lbs. and up to 6'4" in Height. The minimum user height is 5'4".

Red Sunset Accent Folding Walker

Now here is a walker that beats the visual perceptions of what a walker should look like. With the entirety of the walker being colored in black, the most eye-catching design is held by the front of the walker with an almost acrylic-look of orange, black and red blended together. Don't worry. It still has all the necessary features that a walker should have as an assistive medical device. There are two padded handles located on each side at the top for extra comfort. Just in front of the grips, there are 2 buttons which appear as levers to press to collapse the sides of the walker inward. This is quite a popular feature as it allows you to store your walker when not in use and for transporting.

It is also able to adjust for one to find their perfect height setting. From the shoes you wear to how much support you need, adjusting the height is a pretty powerful feature that is basically mandatory in any walker design. Next, the two wheels in the front provide the traction you need without the need of placing tennis balls under the tips. These wheels also do not swivel so you are able to keep your balance while in use. Finally, there are two non-slipping walker tips located in the back behind the wheels.
This walker is manufactured by Premium Mobility

5.0 out of 5 | 1 Total Reviews
Love the color and how easy it moves.
Date published: 15/04/2017
5.0 / 5 stars


Max User Weight::
250 lbs.
Max User Height::
Minimum User Height::
Assembled Dimensions:
15.5 x 20 x 32.25 inches. These are the dimensions of the product once it has been put together. (Length x Width x Height)
Folded Width:
4 Inches. There are 2 levers near the top of the walker that can be released to fold the 2 support sides inward. This is controled by using 2 buttons.
Handle Height Adjustable Range:
32 to 38 Inches. These settings allow you to find the best setting for normal use.
Recommended User Height:
5'4" to 6'4". If you are within this height, you should not have a problem using this item. These are estimates.
Maximum User Weight:
250 lbs.If you Exceed this weight limit, you should not use this product as it puts your safety at risk.
Product Weight:
5.5 lbs.The weight of this product is light enough where it should not impede your mobility.
Wheels Included:
Yes. There are 2 wheels located in the front and 2 walker tips located in the back. These wheels do not swivel.
Hand Comfort:
There are padded grips on each side of this walker to additional comfort.
Width Between Handles:
17 Inches. This is the amount of space between the right and left handle of the walker.
This walker is primarily black with blend of red, black and orange in the front.
Aluminum. This is one of the most common light-weight materials used in the production of walkers.

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