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We carry only the best products that meet our high standards in materials and appearance.


Because our products are made from natural materials there may be variation in color. The cane you purchase may vary slightly in appearance from the cane viewed on our website. This means that each and every cane is unique!

Natural Products

Because our products are made from natural materials there will be variations in wood grain, color and appearance. Our canes are unique and environmentally friendly!

What is the standard length?

The standard length is the longest available length of each cane. This information is listed in the first sentence under the "cane sizing" tab which is located above the cane's description.

How to fold a Foldable Compact Cane?

  • Start at bottom section of the cane.
  • Slightly twist as you pull the first section apart at the visible seam.
  • Pull the sections apart until the elastic cord is visible, then fold that section of cane to lay parallel against the next section.
  • Hold the collapsed sections together in your hand to prevent the elastic band from popping the folded sections back into place.
  • Continue with this method until all sections are collapsed together.
  • While holding the pieces together with your hand, slide the cane into a bag or holder.

How to unfold a Foldable Compact Walking Cane?

  • Slowly remove the cane from its bag or holder while holding the collapsed pieces together with your hand.
  • Slowly let go of the bottom-most section of the cane at a time and allow it to pop back into place.
  • Repeat for each section until the entire cane is unfolded.
  • Ensure each section has securely locked into place.

How do I adjust an Adjustable Walking Cane?

  • First, loosen the anti-rattle mechanism on your cane by twisting it clockwise. Locate the holes on the shaft and determine which one will work best for your height, posture and stature.
  • Push in the small button. There is no need to use excessive force. The button should slide in easily.
  • While holding the button in, hold the upper part of the cane steady and place your other hand lower on the cane’s shaft.
  • Adjust the length of the cane by slowly sliding the two pieces of the cane towards or away from each other in order to position the button at the desired hole.
  • Be sure to move slowly, passing one hole at a time. You’ll want to be sure to avoid twisting the shaft while making this adjustment. Once the button appears in the desired hole, re-tighten the anti-rattle piece before walking with the cane.

Checking the Rubber Tip

Your rubber tip is a very important part of your cane.

Just like checking the th reads on your car tires you always want to make sure that the end of your rubber tip is in good shape, since the rubber tip is what helps your cane cling to hard surfaces. Also, ensuring your cane tip is in decent condition will also help protect interior floors like hardwood or tile.

  • First, ensure that the tip is still fitting snugly and securely on the end of your cane. As a rubber tip ages, the frequent use can often stretch the whole where it slides onto the cane shaft. You want it to be snug, firm, and tight.
  • Second, look over the outside of the cane tip. If it is cracked, or you can see the cane shaft through it, you will want to replace the tip immediately.
  • Finally, look at the base of the tip. There are several small, circular grooves that help gain traction on hard and slippery surfaces. If these are worn, or nonexistent, you might consider replacing your cane tip.

If your tip looks worn make sure you buy a replacement. You can find them under accessories on they retail for $1.80 a piece

*** Canes are only used for casual, novelty, and collectible use and are not promoted or used for medical use. ***


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