Horn Canes and Antler Walking Canes

A horn cane is an eye-catching option that will look great as a part of any wardrobe, whether formal or casual. Masculine yet refined and sophisticated, horn canes offer a sleek look that will grab attention and can be a conversation piece at your next event. Try our buffalo horn canes, genuine deer or stag antler canes, rams horn canes and more; no matter which style you prefer, you are sure to find the best horn walking cane in our selection.

More than Horn-Handle Walking Canes and Antler Walking Sticks

Look through our vast selection of horn canes and antler walking stick and find just what you are looking for. Or, for more options, browse our horn-handle hiking sticks for an alternative to a cane. Perhaps if you are a collector, we do have a generous selection of animal walking canes. From an exotic reptile, such as an alligator cane to a house hold pet, such as a dog cane, you will find the largest selection and variety of animal canes anywhere online backed by a legitimate warranty.

Ok, we have so many animal options to choose from, we will list some more to make it even easier for you to narrow down your choice. From one horse lover to another, you absolutely need to see all the horse handle canes designed with a traditional derby look or even a tourist style handle. Our eagle canes and lion canes are also some of our more best-selling animal canes.

Finally, there is one more type of cane that I’m sure you will find interesting or at the very least, amusing. By popular demand, take a long hard look at our bull penis canes. All canes are made from the real penis of a bull as opposed to an artificial one.

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