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Hunting Eagle & Fish Artisan Intricate Hand-Carved Cane
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Hunting Eagle & Fish Artisan Intricate Hand-Carved Cane * Free Shipping

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The "Standard Size"for this cane is 36.5 Inches (can vary).

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 200lbs. and up to 6'2"in Height. More info Looking for canes designed for larger size people? Click here

Product Details

Product Highlights

    • Limited Edition
    • Hand-crafted from oak wood


A limited edition cane that goes beyond the average cane to a classic walking stick style that is a single piece of oak wood that is hand carved with exquisite detail to create a stunning piece of art. The detail of the eagle and fish is a testament to the classic design of old in which a cane was a personable piece that was a one of a kind custom representation often commissioned by those of wealth and stature. Please note, due to the handmade nature of these canes, the standard length can vary slightly.

Uniquely crafted by Igor, this is not your typical wooden hiking cane. Though quite durable and stained and finished with a high gloss, this intricate cane is one you will cherish and only use for special occasions. A stunning conversation piece, the Artisan cane is a wonderful gift and considered a good luck piece when on hunting trips or outdoor adventures with a very sturdy design and extra wide tip for extra stability.

This cane is manufactured by Igor

4.3 out of 5 | 6 Total Reviews

its beautiful
Date published: 24/04/2017
5.0 / 5 stars
Cant rate it cuz haven't got it!
Date published: 22/04/2017
1.0 / 5 stars
Love, Love, Love this cane it is better than the picture and the details are beautiful. When I walked with the cane it is very sturdy and comfortable to my hand. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would, it is well worth the price and I recommend this cane to everyone. Thank you, for such a wonderful cane.
Date published: 21/12/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
My husband has wanted this since the first time he saw it; am saving it for a gift.
Date published: 07/08/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
This is the best cane I have ever used! I have arthritis and the handle of this cane is carved in such a way that it keeps the palm of my hand from getting tired and cramped. I use it most days and it is as nice now as the day I bought it. A beautiful and very practical cane, well worth every penny of the purchase price.
Date published: 03/06/2016
5.0 / 5 stars
Really Cool!
Date published: 16/07/2015
5.0 / 5 stars


  • The Tip size on this cane is 22mm. This cane does come with 1 complementary tip on the cane. If you need an extra tip please go Here.

Cane Sizing Information

The "Standard Size"for this cane is "36.5 Inches (can vary)". This is the maximum length that this cane can be sold. The Approximate Maximum User Height for this cane is 6'2".
(You may choose to have the cane shortened if the "Optional Sizing" option is available under the "Add to Cart" button.)

For the Most Accurate Measurement, See Guide Below:

Cane Sizing Information

Approximate Size Guide for User's Height to Length of Cane

*These are approximate measurements

  • 6'0" = 36.5"
  • 5'11" = 36"
  • 5'10" = 35.5"
  • 5'9" = 35"
  • 5'8" = 34.5"
  • 5'7" = 34"
  • 5'6" = 33.5"
  • 5'5" = 33"
  • 5'4" = 32.5"
  • 5'3" = 32"
  • 5'2" = 31.5"
  • 5'1" = 31"
  • 5'0" = 30.5"
  • 4'11" = 30"
  • 4'10" = 29.5"
  • 4'9" = 29"
  • 4'8" = 28.5"
  • 4'7" = 28"

* PLEASE NOTE: There is No Minimum Height Requirement for this Cane. These are rough estimates of the User's Height to Cane Height and the cane MUST be checked for the correct size before use to prevent injury. Please see Step #2 from the full sizing guide



Engraving is now available! Genuine Brass, Steel or Anodized Aluminum plaques are engraved and bent to the curve of the shaft of the cane. Please click on the images below to see more details....

(PLEASE NOTE - Engraving does not apply towards the $80.00 to recieve free shipping)

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