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Mahogany Stained Extra Length Anatomically Correct Walking Cane With Brass Collar
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Mahogany Stained Extra Length Anatomically Correct Walking Cane With Brass Collar * Free Shipping

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The "Standard Size"for this cane is 42 Inches. Please note there is a 30% restocking for canes returned that have been custom sized. If you would like a shorter size than is offered above please contact customer service. Click Here for more information on our return policy.

Please Note: This Cane is designed for users that weigh up to 180lbs. and up to 6'11"in Height. More info
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Product Details

Product Highlights

    • An Extra Long and Strong Cane that can be Sized for Free
    • One of the Most Beautiful Extra Long Canes Available Online
    • Made from Maple stained in a Mahogany finish
    • This Walking Cane is in Fashion All Year Round and Blends well with Most Casual and Formal Wear


This Extra Long Mahogany Stained walking cane has an ergonomically correct handle for your comfort and mobility. They designed to fit the contours of your hand so the handle can evenly distribute the weight of your body for added stability. The different mahogany wood vary in color from golden to deep red brown. This exquisite extra long walking cane is of superior quality and craftsmanship. There is an elegant slim gold band around the neck of the shaft to give a sophisticated look with the Mahogany derby handle. The cane shaft is treated with a semi-gloss water-resistant finish. The wood is kiln-cured for strength and durability. Compared to other canes, they are more resistant to splintering or cracking, ensuring a superior product. Arthritis suffers will even find that this ergonomically correct handled cane is far more comfortable and easier on their hands than other's. You'll love using this beautiful reddish Mahogany wood stained walking cane. It is great and hard to find an extra long and very comfortable anatomically correct handle walking cane. There will be many compliments coming your way. Just click-on the tab below the picture to get a closer look. *Wood is mahogany stained maple"


  • The Tip size on this cane is 18mm. This cane does come with 1 complementary tip on the cane. If you need an extra tip please go Here.

This cane is manufactured by HARVY

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Cane Sizing Information

The "Standard Size"for this cane is "42 Inches". This is the maximum length that this cane can be sold. The Approximate Maximum User Height for this cane is 6'11".
(You may choose to have the cane shortened if the "Optional Sizing" option is available under the "Add to Cart" button.)

For the Most Accurate Measurement, See Guide Below:

Cane Sizing Information

Approximate Size Guide for User's Height to Length of Cane

*These are approximate measurements

  • 6'10" = 41.5"
  • 6'9" = 41"
  • 6'8" = 40.5"
  • 6'7" = 40"
  • 6'6" = 39.5"
  • 6'5" = 39"
  • 6'4" = 38.5"
  • 6'3" = 38"
  • 6'2" = 37.5"
  • 6'1" = 37"
  • 6'0" = 36.5"
  • 5'11" = 36"
  • 5'10" = 35.5"
  • 5'9" = 35"
  • 5'8" = 34.5"
  • 5'7" = 34"
  • 5'6" = 33.5"
  • 5'5" = 33"
  • 5'4" = 32.5"
  • 5'3" = 32"
  • 5'2" = 31.5"
  • 5'1" = 31"

* PLEASE NOTE: There is No Minimum Height Requirement for this Cane. These are rough estimates of the User's Height to Cane Height and the cane MUST be checked for the correct size before use to prevent injury. Please see Step #2 from the full sizing guide



Engraving is now available! Genuine Brass, Steel or Anodized Aluminum plaques are engraved and bent to the curve of the shaft of the cane. Please click on the images below to see more details....

(PLEASE NOTE - Engraving does not apply towards the $80.00 to recieve free shipping)

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