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Black Designer Cane Bag
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Black Designer Cane Bag

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Product Details

Product Highlights

    • Circular design keeps it balanced around the cane
    • Travel anywhere Hassle-Free
    • Built-in Wrist strap that prevents the cane from slipping out of your hand
    • Cane bags eliminates the need for cumbersome shoulder bags
    • Clasps on sides allow for easy access to your keys and other attachable items
    • Black walking cane matches almost every color of walking cane



  1. Simply turn stick upside down
  2. Remove rubber foot
  3. Push cane through foam core of the Cane Bag
  4. Foam core will cause a suction to secure bag

This accessory is manufactured by Designer Cane Bags



Cane Sizing Information

Cane Sizing Information



Engraving is now available! Genuine Brass, Steel or Anodized Aluminum plaques are engraved and bent to the curve of the shaft of the cane. Please click on the images below to see more details....

(PLEASE NOTE - Engraving does not apply towards the $80.00 to recieve free shipping)

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