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Lucite Canes

Add a Lucite cane to your collection and enjoy the unique, stylish look of a clear glass cane. Lucite canes display a crystalline appearance that will turn heads no matter where you carry it. The clear, reflective appearance of a clear acrylic lucite walking cane makes a splendid accessory to any outfit, since it will match any outfit.

Attention! Buyer Beware!
Our delicate lucite canes are factory-made using a method called injection molding. Many online companies and private dealers will compare our products to their "homemade" lucite canes, which are heated, curved, and then allowed to cool to retain their shape. When a walking aide is constructed in this way it will always have the 'J' shaped, or tourist handle, and the end of the crook will have rough edges instead of a rounded end. The quality and strength of walking aides made this way do not compare to an injection-molded model.