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Walking Cane Holders

One of our high quality cane holder clips attach to a desk, table or counter for a highly convenient place to store your cane. They safely hold your cane while you rest, work or play so its always right where you need it! Attach the cane holder to your table, a desk, or even a curved surface. Why set your cane down against a chair only to have it fall over and chip or damage? Let us help you keep your cane looking brand new and ready to use with one of our stylish cane holders for any flat surface. They are commonly used as a table or desk cane holder but cna be attached to any surface. Maybe you venturing into the kitchen with your cane, you can even use a cane holder on the counter for easy access when you are finished making a meal or snack. Our walking cane holders grip your cane snuggly without worry about slipping or damage. You could also take them with you to a restaurant. If you are looking for an alternative place to set your cane, check out our selection of wooden cane stands.