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Replicas of Dr. Gregory House's Walking Canes

With this selection of Dr. House Walking Canes, you too can carry the canes used on the hit television show House, M.D.! Whether you prefer one of Dr. Gregory House's more classic looks or the racy, exciting designs of either the House Flame Canes or the more recently used "Death's Head Cane," you are sure to appreciate these exact replicas of the walking canes used on the show!. Played brilliantly by Hugh Laurie, Dr Gregory House requires a walking cane because of an injured right leg, and his canes are always an integral part to the exciting plotlines of the show. These canes aren't just designed for use as props, though, all of them are sturdy and high-quality pieces that can be trusted just like any of our other pieces. Shop for yours today and show your enthusiasm for the show!