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Adjustable & Folding Walking Sticks, Hiking Staffs & Trekking Poles

When the trail gets rough or a long day's hike stretches on, having a handy collapsible walking stick for hiking tough terrain is a must have. Convenient, and easily stored in a backpack, a folding walking stick is ready when you need it, and collapses to stowe away when you don't.

These are fully collapsible hiking sticks and trekking poles offer a convenient option for those that hike trails with changing terrain. It can easily be tucked away or strapped to the outside of your backpack at any point. Going on multi-day hikes, or just a day-trip on a whim have a folding hiking staff stored in your car. We have a variety of models from folding walking and hiking sticks to adjustable canes, hiking sticks and more. No matter what your needs or how die-hard an outdoorsman you are, there is one perfect for you at a price you can afford.