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Dare to walk in style with a carved walking stick that will impress almost everyone who looks at it? Our customers tell us our hand-carved canes have created more conversations with others than anything else they have ever purchased. The handmade walking canes in our collection have the ability to become a beautiful statement. If you add one of these to your collection it will surely become the cane that you will be most proud of!

Our hand-carved canes are designed and handcrafted by true wood artisans. These canes really are a piece of art. When looking at the detail you can easily tell that someone has put their heart and a lot of time into painstakingly carved designs crafted from beautiful hardwoods like maple, chestnut, oak among other woods. These skilled artisans use multiple special wood carving tools to carve unique features and details into the hilt or shaft. Other steps are use used such as carving intricate lines into the wood which is called scrolling. A process such as wood scorching with fire gives the carving a dimensional effect. The scorching effect is done by gently scorching the wood with a flame to enhance the contours and contrast in the depth of the wood. This creates a gorgeous effect, especially when looking at the hand-carved walking cane before and after this process is done.

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