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Irish Themed Canes & Hats - Blackthorn Walking Sticks & Shillelaghs

Irish Themed Canes & Hats -Blackthorn Walking Sticks & Shillelaghs

Irish Shillelagh CanesIrish blackthorn has been a top selection for cane makers for centuries. The Shillelagh has a reputation of being a stout, reliable walking cane, and became a choice walking cane for European gentlemen centuries ago. Tough, resilient and naturally resistant to warping, chipping and discoloration, blackthorn shillelaghs offer a longevity rarely seen in canes; and this classic piece of history can be yours for a low, reasonable price.

Although it is often imitated by using hawthorne or other similar woods, none compare to the quality of genuine blackthorn, and provides only the best, high-quality blackthorn shillelaghs on the market. Order yours today and enjoy the comfort, quality and whimsical appeal of a genuine Irish walking cane. Our selection of Irish walking sticks are highly sought after items.