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Leather Canes

These leather canes offer a unique, comfortable grip while providing a distinguished touch to the look of any outfit. Shop these leather wrapped cane handle options to find a variety of styles, all made using high-quality leather that is one of the best materials for use in a cane handle. It naturally absorbs moisture from your palm in the summertime while providing a soft, warm feel in the winter. These leather walking canes are great if you prefer a soft, padded grip and you don't want to sacrifice any style in your selection. Each of these models features hand-stitched leather for lasting quality, so you know that your purchase will be with you for years to come. Click on any of the images below for a more detailed view. Make your purchase today!

Need a Different Comfortable Cane?

While a leather cane may not be the choice for you¸ look through all of our options to find a vast selection of comfortable walking cane options. Check out our ergonomically designed canes for specialized handles¸ or look to our Fritz cane handles for the classic arthritic handle option. We also offer a wide array of specialty canes¸ like extra strong canes¸ extra long canes¸ stable quad canes and more. No matter what you are looking for¸ we have the variety and the low prices you deserve.

For over a decade we have scoured the globe to provide the largest catalog of walking aides on the web. We are confident that no matter what your needs¸ we have the walking stick or cane that you have been searching for. With an extensive reputation of strong customer service practices¸ we know that you will enjoy shopping at FashionableCanes.com. Thank you for your business!

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