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Rhinestone Collared Canes

diamond canesThese rhinestone collar canes are studded with real rhinestones that have the look of real diamonds. Add one of these studded sparkly canes and wow everyone at your next outing with a very stylish addition to your wardrobe. Nothing has the elegance of walking around with a diamond studded cane. Each is a durably crafted cane made with high-quality aluminum and an acrylic Pearlz handle. The Rhinestones are held in by a metal setting and are not glued on like the cheaper imitation models. The Pearlz Acrylic handles have an appearance like no other cane handle. Acrylic has an invisible appearance because of its translucent appearance. When one of these cane handles is made with a color it really has a dramatic affect. These designer canes are sure to be the cane you use from your collection when you are wanting to add a little style and bling to your day!

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