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Skull Canes / Flame Canes

A flame cane, dragon cane or skull canes make the perfect addition to any collection. Whether you are a collector of walking aides or you simply love the fantastic or fanciful, you'll love our high-quality dragon head canes and skull canes. Made of the finest materials and crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, our skull canes and dragon walking sticks are sure to dazzle all of your friends for years to come.

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Dragon Canes, Flame Canes, Skull Canes & More Interesting Designs

Look no further for the striking and stylish appeal in a cane or walking stick for your collection. Whether you want one for an event or you are simply looking to add one to your personal collection¸ you'll love shopping our extensive selection. Browse our sword and weapon models for the ingenious¸ famous designs of the late eighteenth century¸ or our genuine Irish blackthorn Shillelaghs for the trusted¸ beautiful look of an old-fashioned walking stick. Check out all of our elegant handle designs to find silver canes and more. Once you have chosen which model is right for you¸ be sure to stop by our accessories to find the perfect way to customize your purchase.

For over a decade¸ we've searched far and wide to be able to present this selection to you today. With years of business and an outstanding reputation of great customer service practices¸ we proud to have you as a customer today and certain that we have something to suit your needs. Thank you for browsing!

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