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Colorful Etched Shafts

These elegant walking canes bear intricate laser etchings all along their shafts. Paired with lustrous chrome handles, these painstakingly crafted designs are truly a beauty to behold. Laser etching is the process by which laser beams are applied to metal, resulting in raised markings all along its surface. Fans of customization will enjoy the ability to choose from a variety of colors for the shaft of these canes. These items can also be cut to a custom size in order to create a perfect fit for a wide range of users. Unsure of your cane size or unable to be measured appropriately? That's fine! These canes can be ordered with either an optional adjustable shaft to help you find that perfect fit. Changing the length of an adjustable cane is as easy as pushing a button! We are sure that these striking canes will be a hit with any fans of fine craftsmanship, style, and versatility.

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