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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping costs will depend on where you are located and what items you are purchasing. Our checkout page is equipped with a section that will accurately calculate the shipping costs for your order and location.

International orders may be charged additional Customs duties or taxes that cannot be calculated ahead of time. These charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Shipping time will also depend on where you are located.

Continental United States: 2 to 8 business days for Standard or Free Shipping.
Click on this link to see the estimated shipping time maps: https://www.fashionablecanes.com/same-day-shipping.html

Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico: 4 to 8 business days for Standard Shipping

International: 10 to 15 business days to arrive at the Customs office for Standard Shipping

Free shipping is only available for orders in the Continental United States and orders over $80

The standard size for our canes vary from cane to cane and manufacturer to manufacturer. Just under the picture of the cane, on the individual product detail page are several tabs that contain additional information for that item. If you click on the tab labeled ‘Sizing’ or ‘Adj. Sizing’, you can find the standard size for that cane.

Standard Length

The adjustment range for adjustable canes can also vary depending on the manufacturer and the cane. You can find this information under the tab labeled ‘Adj. Sizing’ on the individual product detail page.

Adjustable Length

Cane weight will vary depending on the material the cane is made out of. You can find the weight for a particular cane on the product page in the tab labeled ‘Specification’. This tab will also contain the max user weight, max user height and tip/shaft size.

Cane Weight

If you click on the following link, you can find a couple of different ways to determine the correct cane length for you as well as some other information regarding our canes. /cane-sizing.html

Please note: The sizing chart provided throughout our site is just an approximation. The best way to determine the right size cane for you is to be measured for one.

The option for custom sizing is located on the product page just above the green ‘Add to Basket’ button. You simply click on the custom length check box. A drop down box will appear and you select your size from that drop down. Once you select your size, you will click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button to have the item added to your order.

Cane Cut

If you forgot to select your custom size, you can have it added while the order is still in your cart.

Cane Cut

To determine what size of replacement tip you need, simply remove the tip that is on the cane and measure the diameter of the bottom of the shaft of the cane.

Cane tips are meant to fit snugly and securely so they can be somewhat difficult to remove. Twisting the tip as you pull it should loosen it from the shaft of the cane, but if it will not come loose, take a push pin and insert it in the bottom of the tip. This will create a small hole that will release the suction created and allow the tip to be removed.

This will really depend on how you use your cane. If it is normally used indoors and on soft surfaces, it will last longer than if it is used outside on rough terrain every day. On average, a tip should last between 6 months and 1 year depending on the amount of use.

On the Shipping and Payment section of the checkout page, you will go to the section labeled ‘Promo Code and Gift Certificate’. Click on the check box next to ‘Do you have a promotional or coupon code?’, enter your code and then click ‘Apply’. Please note: Only one coupon can be used per order.

Promo Code

We do not have any retail stores. Our products are available through our catalog or our website only. If you are near the Largo, FL area though, and you would like to pick up your order, please give us a call and we can make arrangements for you to come and pick it up at our warehouse.

Some of our canes do allow you to choose different shafts or collars to individualize your cane, but most of them do not have that choice. Most of our canes are sent to us pre-assembled by the manufacturer and we are not able to switch out the different parts. Unless it is otherwise noted on the product page, the canes come as pictured and cannot be customized.

While we do our best to capture the best image of our products, the process is not perfect. It is technically impossible to accurately reproduce some colors and patterns. Many of our products are natural, hand-made or contain unique patterns that will vary from the picture provided. Products such as our root knobs, exotic woods, blackthorn, etc., can vary in size and wood pattern. We cannot guarantee that you will get the exact product that is pictured on the site or in our catalog, but we will send you a beautiful item that you will be proud to show off.

We are happy to accept returns for any item that is in re-sellable condition and is within 30 days of delivery. You must contact us to receive an RMA number before your send the item back. Please click here to read more about our return policy, exceptions to the policy and how to request an RMA number: /return-policy.html


We carry only the best products that meet our high standards in materials and appearance.


Because our products are made from natural materials there may be variation in color. The cane you purchase may vary slightly in appearance from the cane viewed on our website. This means that each and every cane is unique!

Natural Products

Because our products are made from natural materials there will be variations in wood grain, color and appearance. Our canes are unique and environmentally friendly!

Checking the Rubber Tip

Your rubber tip is a very important part of your cane.

Just like checking the threads on your car tires you always want to make sure that the end of your rubber tip is in good shape, since the rubber tip is what helps your cane cling to hard surfaces. Also, ensuring your cane tip is in decent condition will also help protect interior floors like hardwood or tile.

  • First, ensure that the tip is still fitting snugly and securely on the end of your cane. As a rubber tip ages, the frequent use can often stretch the whole where it slides onto the cane shaft. You want it to be snug, firm, and tight.
  • Second, look over the outside of the cane tip. If it is cracked, or you can see the cane shaft through it, you will want to replace the tip immediately.
  • Finally, look at the base of the tip. There are several small, circular grooves that help gain traction on hard and slippery surfaces. If these are worn, or nonexistent, you might consider replacing your cane tip.

If your tip looks worn make sure you buy a replacement. You can find them under accessories on FashionableCanes.com they retail for $1.80 a piece

*** Canes are only used for casual, novelty, and collectible use and are not promoted or used for medical use. ***

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