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Combining fashion, function and quality, these designer fancy canes with fashion patterns make a real fashion statement. Many of these are the vivid eye-catching HD (High Definition) pattern series canes that also have the matching patterns on the handle. Many of these canes are the HD (High Definition) Pattern Series canes. These HD pattern handle canes are exclusive to FashionableCanes and are sure to impress. These canes are unlike other canes with patterns on the market because of a three step proprietary process that is done to apply the pattern on the cane. This makes the patterns have more vivid colors and show a higher level of detail. It also makes it more durable and resistant to chipping, fading from regular wear. The pattern canes that have matching patterns on the handles are very impressive to see in person because of the quality of the pattern and also because it continues all the way from the handle to the bottom of the shaft. Because these canes cost less than a normal pair of shoes many of our customers collect multiple pattern canes to match their outfits for different occasions and outings. Purchase yours today and show off your fashionable style to match all of your attire!
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