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Irish Blackthorn

Irish Shillelagh CanesThe shillelagh walking stick has been the walking stick of choice for many European gentlemen for centuries. Blackthorn is a very hard, close-grained wood and if grown from a bush that is covered with very sharp, vicious spines. Because of these spines it has been used for centuries throughout Ireland as property dividers to keep the family livestock in and unwanted people out. It is the iconic bush growing throughout the countryside of Ireland and the reason why it has become the official walking stick of Ireland. The wood is always in short supply because it is very difficult to harvest and it has to be dried for at least one year before being used to make a walking cane. A funny fact is that the most common way to get someone to harvest the wood in Ireland is to convince someone at a local bar to harvest the wood after a few pints of Guinness. Blackthorn has been the material of choice for any fine cane maker, it is extremely sturdy and durable, so you can be sure that your purchase will retain its classic beauty for years to come. Our selection of Irish blackthorn walking sticks features a range of designs including thumbstick hiking staffs, authentic ram's horn handles, and of course the classic knobbed blackthorn walking stick. A beautiful Irish walking stick is known to bring good luck to anyone with a bit of Irish heritage. Blackthorn shillelaghs offer a natural beauty not seen in many canes and this classic piece of iconic history can be something you can walk with everyday.

Although it is often imitated by using hawthorne woods, none compare to the quality of genuine blackthorn, and provides only the best, high-quality blackthorn shillelaghs on the market. Order yours today and enjoy the comfort, quality and whimsical appeal of a genuine Irish walking cane. Our selection of Irish walking sticks are highly sought after items.

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