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Silver Canes

We have an astonishing collection of real and genuine silver canes to canes that are silver plated. The variety of silver canes available is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. From umbrella canes to animal canes, your choice is only defined by where your taste will guide you. Maybe you are in market for a silver top cane, we have those too!

Is Silver not for You?

Maybe your taste in canes isn’t from a precious metal¸ but more on the lines of a crystal cane in appearance. From delicate designs of a transparent tourist shape handle all the way to a crystal ball knob handle¸ you can be sure to find a top of the line walking cane from our collection. Next¸ we have a fine selection of chrome-plated and brass canes that truly stand out. From the familiar derby style handles to a wide variety of animal canes¸ there quite possibly is a perfect cane for you or for someone as a gift.

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