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Irish Blackthorn Walking Sticks and Shillelagh Walking Sticks

Irish Shillelagh Walking Sticks

The shillelagh walking stick has been the walking stick of choice for many European gentlemen for centuries. Now, this durable and fashionable full-sized hiking stick can be yours when you shop our selection of Irish Blackthorn walking sticks. Blackthorn is a very hard, close-grained wood and if grown from the trunk of the tree or bush, it is covered with very sharp, vicious spines. The material of choice for any fine cane maker, it is extremely sturdy and durable, so you can be sure that your purchase will retain its classic beauty for years to come. Our selection of Irish blackthorn walking sticks features a range of designs including thumb canes, ram's horn crook handles and other beautiful Irish walking sticks. For even more options, be sure to look into our Irish Shillelagh canes and enjoy the classic beauty of a real work of art.

Genuine Irish Walking Sticks

If you are shopping for a genuine shillelagh hiking stick¸ beware of imitators. Our Irish canes are guaranteed to be the genuine woods¸ while others may use a Hawthorne shaft (of a genus Crataegus a spring-flowering spiny shrub)¸ and be simply passed off as a Blackthorn cane. Inspect any cane before you purchase to ensure that you are receiving the highest-quality Irish walking stick you can buy. Here are a few things you should look for that will identify a real shillelagh:

  • Deep reddish-black bark and the numerous knots¸ which are best when perfected by an excellent cane maker.
  • Thorns that are evenly spaced all around the cane.
  • The cane must have a fine taper.
  • The spurs cut close to the limb and small dimples are left behind each spur.

For even more classic European canes¸ check out our imported French Canes and vintage and antique canes¸ or choose the root-knob handle and natural wood hiking staffs for a similar natural looks. And no matter which cane you purchase¸ be sure to explore our vast selection of cane accessories for cane tips and more. Start shopping now!

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