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Chair & Seat Canes

seat canesWith a comfortable seat cane, you will always be prepared with a convenient place to rest. Whether for a break during a long walk or to guarantee a seat at a local sporting event, our seat canes and cane folding chairs are both handy and handsome. Lightweight and durable, a folding seat cane is perfect to take on a hiking trip, for comfort while fishing or hunting, a camping trip, a child's soccer game, parade and even the family picnic. Our cane stools are great for both practical and therapeutic purposes, you'll love having a cane with seat readily available.

Although canes help people stay mobile¸ the right one also gives you a chance to rest. A cane with seat lets you take the pressure off your feet when you need to.

Canes and walking sticks haven’t always been so functional. In the early 1700s¸ carrying a cane was a privilege that required a license. Along with that right came many guidelines. It was considered poor manners to lean on your cane while you were standing. Fortunately¸ the product has evolved into a tool that helps reduce fatigue when you’re walking or standing for long periods of time. Ergonomic designs have made canes more useful and comfortable. Plus¸ they have become fashionable.

A cane chair can be sporty¸ stylish and elegant. Your walking stick can be so much more when it can be used for sitting as well as standing.

Comfortable Seat Canes for Long Events that Require Standing

You shouldn’t have to let reduced mobility affect your quality of life. If you have shied away from certain events because you’re worried about the stress that they can put on your body¸ there is hope.

Bring a cane seat to any long event. A folding seat like this is lightweight and portable. Because you can use it to help you move around¸ it won’t feel like it’s in the way. Plus¸ you won’t take up much more room sitting than you will standing.

You can use a cane back chair for sports games¸ concerts¸ lectures¸ parades and other experiences. You can even bring your seat cane with you to events that don’t allow beach chairs or camping chairs.

Strong and Durable Materials

A walking cane with seat must be durable. It must support most of your weight while you’re walking and sitting. Plus¸ because it folds up¸ the hinges and other moving parts must be high quality.

Leather is one of the sturdiest materials for the seat. It resists wear and tear¸ which means that you can use it again and again without the risk of the seat ripping.

Plastic¸ wood and metal work well for the seats or the legs. Some chair canes have bicycle-style seats. These are usually made from plastic to offer you the most comfortable while they support your weight. Wood is also supportive and robust.

A cane with seat that you use every day can wear out quickly¸ but you need to rely on it every time you use it. Look for rubber-tipped canes that have the option to use a pin on soft ground. You might want to choose one with a tripod base for added support.

Easily Transportable

What good is a cane seat if you can’t bring it with you? The best cane chairs are light enough to lift¸ fold and set up. Many of them don’t weigh more than a couple of pounds although they will support the weight of an adult.

If you’re concerned about size¸ look for a seat cane with a folding stick. You’ll be able to pack this an overhead compartment on an airplane or stash it in your purse when it’s not in use.

An Uncommon Selection of Seat Canes

Our selection of seat canes features many different styles of walking cane seats. We offer folding seat sticks to prop yourself up¸ convenient and lightweight tripod chair canes¸ hammock-style folding canes and more. No matter what you are hoping to find¸ you're sure to discover something to meet your needs.

These walking cane seats are crafted using tested techniques out of high-quality materials¸ so you can rest assured that your purchase will be as durable as it is fashionable. Each of these seat canes has several unique features such as contoured seats¸ comfortable leather-wrapped handles as well as many others.

For even more comfortable options¸ look through our extra-sturdy quad canes¸ and for convenience¸ check out our expansive selection of folding canes. To complete your purchase¸ browse our cane and walking stick accessories¸ and make certain you consider large cane tips for added stability. Shop for your folding seat cane with now¸ and enjoy the comfort and convenience you deserve. Place your purchase today!

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