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Mens Folding Canes

When you are a busy man and on the go, you do not want to have to lug around a heavy awkward cane that is always getting in the way when in the car, on the train or even a plane. You want a men's folding cane that you can tuck away easily to free hands and personal space. There are a variety of men's canes that are made to fit the style and needs of everyone with variable weight bearing and height specifications for the best in comfort and neat styles that will accessorize your dress and attire and have a little personality.

Function¸ Style and Comfort is Important

Men’s' compact canes are great for traveling and can fit under your seat¸ in a suitcase or briefcase and a backpack¸ whatever your traveling needs¸ there is a cane for you. New folding canes are strong and sturdy and made from ultimate grade metals that can withstand just about anything. They lock into place and stay there¸ you do not have to worry about the cane crumpling under your weight or folding up unexpectedly. The higher the grade of metals and materials¸ the higher the weight bearing rating. Folding canes can also be adjustable¸ allowing you the most comfort and ease when walking or strolling in the park¸ on the beach or the boardwalk.

Don't get left behind because you did not bring your cane¸ always be ready for fun with a folding cane that you can take anywhere. If you are new to cane shopping¸ take time to find the best cane for you. From novelty fun canes to simple canes for medical support¸ there is a cane for everyone. The most important factor for finding the cane you will love is to make sure you have the right height for maximum comfort and is rated for your weight. Types of handles also make a big difference when looking for comfort and a handle that offers the best grip is best. As example¸ some canes have offset handles and offer more support than a ball handle.

Different Types of Men’s Folding Canes

What Materials are Mens' Folding Canes Made From

Many of the men’s folding canes will have a shaft that is made of metal¸ most often aluminum or carbon fiber and are of the highest strength grade¸ the same strength as the carbon fiber or strengthened aluminum components as used in manufacturing airplanes. The couplings used to fit the cane when standing are also made of incredibly strong metal components and the canes snap easily into place¸ no maintenance needed. Handles¸ on the other hand¸ will offer a wide variety of materials ranging from plastic to superior hard woods. The handle is what will add the most comfort for your palm and can be designed for a left or right hand preference while others will be universal and fit both quite well. The cane’s shafts are designed to match the materials of the handle and a simple to elegant collar will add the finishing touch.

Popular Aluminum Canes

Mens Folding Cane with Aluminum Shaft

Folding cane shafts will be made of metals and the most popular is aluminum and metal alloys. The aluminum used is often a silver color type but has a grand possibility for different types of finishes from being painted¸ to etched and polished to the extreme appearing to look like it has been chromed. Chromed finishes are very classy and work well with a large variety of handle materials. Painted aluminum shaft canes are processed and sealed to help the finish resist chipping and scratches and can be highly unique offering for a variety of trends. You can have your aluminum cane shaft custom painted with your favorite trends or in your favorite color to look however you want. Many painted aluminum canes are very popular and can complement your wardrobe and personality.

Extremely Strong Carbon Fiber Canes

Mens Folding Cane with Carbon Fiber Shaft

For an ultra-light folding cane with the strongest weight bearing standards for metal canes will be made of graphite alloys or carbon that can withstand the punishment of being a durable and daily cane for travel and use on a regular basis. The carbon fiber cane shaft will also be designed and embellished to match various handle types and can also be customized to fit a variety of styles. The basic styles to the most elegant are readily available and will make a great addition to a cane collection or as a medical device for support and stability. When you need the most durable folding cane on the market you can rely on carbon fiber shafts to be the best option.

Fashionable Folding Cane Handle Materials

Cane handles can be made of plastic¸ acrylic¸ Lucite¸ metal¸ wood and resin. The most popular cane handles are made of acrylic or wood. The styles are designed to offer a variety of neat trends and can be functional to artistic. A new fashion in cane handles are dense foam or rubber handles that are soft¸ form to your hand and are almost impossible to damage. The plus of the foam handles are great for those with impaired balance who may drop their canes often.

Acrylic cane handles can be made to look like a variety of different materials for a more affordable price. A hard cherry wood cane handle can be quite expensive and an acrylic model that looks just as elegant but lighter and more affordable can be a great choice. Acrylic materials used in cane handles can be blended with a variety of colors in the mold that can not only imitate wood but also marble and other fun textures and designs. Acrylic handles are very strong and can resist chipping and cracking when dropped.

Wooden cane handles for men’s folding canes come in a variety of styles and are made of the best hard woods available. You can choose from a delicate maple wood¸ that is sturdy with elegant detail and stained to match a variety of cane shafts¸ or beech wood¸ that is also a treat but extremely durable to ash¸ cherry¸ walnut¸ or oak woods. All of the woods used to make cane handles are carved or cut from premium woods then sanded and stained to perfection. The handles can be made to fit an assortment of styles from fritz to derby and ergonomic. Choosing the wood type of your cane handle can be made to match your personal tastes and different shaft types for the best fit.

Types of Cane Handle Styles

Cane handles can be a fashionable statement of superior materials that are elegant with styles that represent your personal tastes or made for complete comfort and stability. Each cane handle style has benefits that make using your cane safe and provides maximum support.


Ergonomic Cane Handle Icon in Blue

When you need the most comfortable style of cane handle¸ the ergonomic style is a good choice. It is made to fit the palm perfectly and made of softer materials on average that will be easier to hold and creates less friction on the hand when walking. Ergonomic handles are easy to carry and will have a bumper style of ends to keep hands form sliding off.

Derby – Style

Derby Cane Handle Icon in Blue

A derby cane is slim and curved to match the curve in the palm of your hand that increases comfort when walking or leaning. The handle is centered on the cane allowing for even weight distribution and is a complimentary style as the tip come to a finished point. The hook makes it easy to hang the cane off the arm¸ a chair arm¸ coat hook or the end of the table. Wherever you may need to hang your cane is much easier with a derby-style handle.


Fritz Cane Handle Icon in Blue

A 16th century style that is still one of the most elegant cane handle styles of the day. The fritz is a slightly larger style that has a curved form like the derby-style to fit the palm of the hand and added support¸ which is centered on the cane shaft providing even distribution of weight and control. A very popular cane handle that comes in a variety of materials form wood to lucite and is a very solid and durable design. While similar to the derby-style it does not have the hook but comes to a straight butted end and is slightly larger and thicker.


Tourist Cane Handle Icon in Blue

Tourist style canes and walking sticks have a bent curved handle like a large hook and are great for walking and can be hung from almost anywhere. The hook handle is slender¸ the same width as the cane and offers a seamless look. Several types of canes with hook handles are carved from a single piece of wood but you can still find folding walking canes with the touring hook style handle made from the same varieties of materials as other handle types.


Anatomical Cane Handle Icon in Blue

A palm handle cane is made for the users hand to fit snuggly in the anatomical handle and is a huge relief for those suffering from arthritis. It is easier to use for many and offers more support. Handles made in this style will have several type of material choices and foam or rubber are the most popular for the best in comfort.


Offset Cane Handle Icon in Blue

Handles made to be offset from the cane offer a different center point of gravity for the user and can add extra support for those who need it. The handle is extended to one side of the shaft and will help those who need to bear down on the cane and need added support. Offset canes are fairly new but making a big impact in the needs for medical canes.

Tips for Providing the Best in Stability and Wear

A key part of a good folding cane relies on the stability provided by the tip. Tips will come in different widths¸ the larger the base¸ the more support it offers. Most tips are made of a very durable rubber composite and can withstand a lot of wear. Tips can be smooth and refined or wide with extra support. A larger lip on the outer edge of a tip improves support and added durability. Tips are made to be anti-slip or slip resistant and to keep one from falling. There are two types of tips that can add extra support and anti-slip properties.

Tripod Cane Tips

Add Extra Stability to your Folding Cane

A triple style tip that will slide on to fit the shaft of a single tip cane and can add extra support for walking on different types of terrain¸ like sand or grass and in snow or rain. The tripod cane tips are made of durable rubber that does not tear or rip easily and will have the extended lip to create a better cane to surface medium.

Cane Ice Grip Tips

Prepare your Folding Cane for Winter

If you need a cane to withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter¸ ice and snow that can be very slippery and almost impossible to walk on¸ even without a cane¸ you will need an ice grip tip. The tip is easy to install and remove and has a cleat like base with edges that have small spikes that bite into ice and snow creating a solid connection and stable walking condition. If you have to travel across a large parking lot in winter time¸ you know how beneficial a cane ice grip tip can be. No more worries about an embarrassing fall on the ice that not only can hurt your bum and your pride but cause serious injuries from a broken leg or hip to a broken arm or shoulder or a combination of the above. An ice grip tip also folds up easily when you do not need the extra traction.

Choosing the Best Men’s Folding Canes

All styles of tips and handles can make a great men’s folding cane complete and will help you to decide which folding cane type will make the best fit for you. You need to know what your choices are¸ not only what the canes specifications are for weight and height but the types of materials and components that make the cane complete. You may want a cane that is decorated but know you live in an area with bad weather and the cane could be affected by conditions that could cause the painted styles of cane shafts to age quickly while an etched style cane would last much longer.

The types are many and a good cane will have all the specs and personal likes combined to add the support you need for a man’s folding cane. It may be best to try a few different types of canes to find the style you like. Typically¸ the most common color choices for a man include black¸ brown and blue.

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