Sterling Silver Italy R925
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Sterling Silver Italy R925

Nothing embellishes a cane like sterling silver accents, pure silver medallions and exquisite silver handles of many shapes and sizes. A black stained beech wood cane with silver accents and a silver handle of a horse's head or detailed ball are exquisite and speaks of status and taste of the finer things in life. A silver cane handle can have many attributes and decorate a formal suit on special occasions or a nice business dinner. You can stroll through the grounds in a casual dress with friends or to your weekly poker tournament. A sterling silver cane handle is timeless and a genuine fashion statement as well as useful leaning device.

Understanding the Quality and Craftsmanship of Silver Canes

The sterling silver adornments you see on cane handles today are created by master craftsmen that work with precious metals to create artistic cane designs that are pure in style and elegant in class. Some of the best silversmiths hail from the artistic landscape of Italy and create a very large selection of the silver cane handles you see today in the Italian cane categories. Italian canes do not just have a mass produced cane handle with silver plating screwed on to any cane shaft but are intricately designed by those of the craft to create stunning designs that are sold in limited quantities and limited editions.

Italian crafted canes with silver handles and embellishments are made of a pure sterling silver that is rated as R925. The difference in types of silver and pure silver to sterling silver relies in the quality and purity. Pure silver is almost one hundred percent and is very soft and pliable. Pure silver does not make good items on its own. Pure silver cutlery would not be effective and jewelry would break easily if made from pure silver. A pure silver cane handle would tarnish and mold to your hand over time¸ break and not be effective. The R925 rating of sterling silver is one of the purest forms used today that is used on the highest grades of silver items. It is most often used in a plating process that covers another material. You may see R925 sterling silver objects that are whole such as jewelry or specialty coins and smaller objects but not on larger pieces such as cane handles. Cane handles need a solid core to maintain strength and durability.

Sterling silver is a metal alloy and a metal alloy is made of a mixture of metals. Sterling silver is made with a percentage of copper that increases the strength of the silver and acquires usefulness. It is not useful in plating or covering as silver does not retain any silver monetary value. It does have a stigma of regal aptitude as it adorns several items including cane handles made in Italy and other countries around the globe. The craftsman and silversmiths will use a sterling silver that is rated higher than any other for their crafts and that is Sterling Silver R925 Italy. The Sterling silver rating and stamp on these items will grade the amount of silver in an object and 925 is translated as 92.5% silver.

The 92.5% silver used in making several items from the finest jewelry to cane handles is the highest grade available on the market next to pure silver. The other 7.5% of the metal alloy is copper and adds strength which when used in cane handles is a needful thing as canes can be dropped and you do not want it to chip or the silver to flake off easily. The 925 is the chemical metal alloy mixture you look for that will represent the lightness and hardness of the metal.

Metals are rated by a universal standard of the Millesimal Fineness System that measures all metals such as gold¸ platinum and silver in pure form to the alloy form. Pure silver is rated as 999 and will be known as "three nines fine"¸ while silver coins are a 90% silver to 10% copper alloy mixes and are known as "one nines fine" with a rating of 900. The easy to spot 925 rating is that of the only grade of silver to be considered as true silver today. The items that are covered with 925 silver may still have a 999 silver coating known as flashing that adds the extra silver finish of fine pure Italian silver. To save the silver from tarnishing another flashing may be used of a metal Rhodium which will protect the silver from aging and turning green or blue. Rhodium is more precious and expensive than silver and is only used on the finest silver crafts.

The "R" in the grade of silver you find on several silver items is the abbreviation for the Italian word Rivesitito which is defined as "covering" or "covered". This states that the item is not a solid silver piece or sterling silver piece but is plated or covered with a film of silver. Many of the cane handles you will see today from the craftsman of Italy will be silver covered¸ R925. This allows the craftsman to make resin and metal molds of a variety of cane handle types and then to cover them with the finest sterling silver. Ensure you browse our website for the full selection of silver canes.

Basic Sterling Silver Italy R925 Cane Handles

Many of the basic styles of cane handles that are used for weight bearing canes of a medical grade will be covered with silver to add the finishing touch to a cane to complement its appearance and create an artistic piece that is beautiful and useful. Many of the standard handles will have an inlay of scroll work or designs to increase the artistic qualities of the cane handle.

Touring Silver Cane Handles

Silver Tourist Cane Handle

Tourist styles of cane handles are curved or hooked and sometimes defined as crooked. The handles are large and swoop over to give an easy and loose grip that is sophisticated and reminds one of the first canes or walking sticks and staffs. The silver touring cane handles are intricate or simple in design and can be a simple statement of elegance.

Fritz Silver Cane handles

Fritz Tourist Cane Handle

Fritz cane handles are solid and offers a good supportive cane handle that is able to bear more weight and curved to align with the palm of the hand. A sterling silver fritz style of cane handle can be sleek and refined or accent a lovely scroll work design. The silver fritz handles look great on a variety of wood shafts and metal shafts. Dark cherry woods or walnut cane shafts are decorated with silver fritz handles to add character and sophistication.

Derby Silver Cane Handles

Silver Derby Cane Handle

The derby style of cane handle is similar to the fritz but has a hooked end and is typically smaller and thinner. A derby style silver cane handle can be beautifully decorated with a variety of designs and scroll work and is an impressive design that looks great when hanging from the edge of the chair or your arm. A very durable style of handle that when covered in the finest silver really brings out the grains in darkly stained maple and oak wood shafts.

Knob Silver Cane Handles

Silver Knob Cane Handle

Regal yet stately¸ a knob cane handle can be quite impressive in its simplicity but various designs and scroll work can add the extra artistic nature you see in many knob styles of canes today. They can be stamped with initials or family crests¸ made to look twisted and odd¸ resemble a skull or head of another person or animal and fit nicely in the palm but not as effective for weight bearing as others. A smooth knob style of cane handle can be formed to look like a skull with accented ruby eyes covered in the finest sterling silver as an interesting novelty handle or useful cane handle that would highly compliment a black stained beech wood or rosewood shaft with a silver collar.

Sculpted Sterling Silver Italy R925 Cane Handles

Several cane handles today are crafted to appear as fine sculpted materials or molded metals and are exquisite with fine detail and artistic poses for the best in collectible Italian canes. The novelty of the sculpted or cast handles are quite unique and though not made for maximum weight bearing potentials still adorn very useful canes and walking sticks that can offer some support and make great conversation starters. The R925 Italian Silver used in the crafting of these interesting cane handles marks the sophistication of artistic cane handles and are quite beautiful.

Animalistic Silver Cane Handles

Silver Animal Cane Handle

Favorite can handles will represent a type of animal from birds to lions and alligators¸ snakes or horses and dogs or cats. The animal types are not only many but the stature of the animal can also be an artistic statement. An eagle head as an example can be used to make an interesting knob style cane handle¸ stretched to that of a fritz or completely wildly creative as it flies with wings outstretched and small prey in its talons. The animalistic cane handles of the finest Italian silver are most often resin molds that are covered with the silver to complete the unique finish of an exquisite piece.

Flowered Silver Cane Handles

Silver Flower Cane Handle

A beautiful rose handle in full bloom and dipped in elegant silver atop a beautiful rosewood shaft can be one of the more elegant canes on the market for ladies. Its simple design yet tasteful character is all that natures wonders give in a beautiful rose. And if roses are not your fan favorite for a flower¸ other flower heads can make beautiful silver can handles made at the hands of the finest Italian silversmiths.

Heroic and Angelic Silver Cane Handles

Silver Heroic and Angelic Cane Handle

Novelty canes may be that of an angel in flight¸ sitting with wings swept wide or a medical grade cane with a cherub handle floating just right for the perfect palm grip. All of which can be covered in an elegant sterling silver of the finest grade from the masters in Italy. Heroic cane shafts made of silver could be that of a fireman¸ policeman or war veteran insignia of military ranking and other types of men and women throughout history that have become iconic figures. Iconic and heroic figurines as cane handles are mostly for decorative purposes only and are made to be collectible items or for walking sticks in which the handles are not made to be weight bearing.

Care of Sterling Silver Italy R925 Cane Handles

While the sterling silver on cane handles is very strong and often coated so it will not tarnish¸ it will still need to be cleaned to help maintain its brilliant silver finish and to keep it from becoming discolored or pitted. Pitting occurs when chemical reactions take place between metals and other chemicals¸ something as simple as sweat from your palm that accumulates over years of use can cause discoloration and pitting. One of the best ways to keep your cane handle clean is to wipe it down carefully after each use with a soft towel or polishing cloth.

Wiping down the cane after each use is quite beneficial to retaining the fine Italian silver brilliance but will not keep the silver from becoming dull overtime and losing its luster. There are silver polishes that you can purchase and will restore the silver shine to your cane handle but some good items you can find at home will work quite well if not equally comparable.

Toothpaste is one very common item you can find in the home that will easily clean silver and restore its youthful brilliant luster. A toothbrush is used to help get the toothpaste into fine cracks and crevices and washes out easily. You can apply toothpaste with a damp cloth and rub to get a polished look then wipe or rinse away and polish again or dry with a soft towel or cloth that is made to polish precious metals.

Some have equally good results with just using dish soap and a cloth¸ lathering it up then rinsing¸ drying and polishing. While using water can be an easy way to help polish your silver it is very important that the piece is dried completely to insure you do not get water stains which can be very hard to remove from silver¸ especially if you have hard water and minerals or deposits that dry on sterling silver and make it look worse than tarnished.

However you store¸ use or clean your Italian sterling silver cane¸ it is sure to be an exquisite piece of fine history in your family as it passes from generation to generation maintaining its artistic flare and pure silver shine.

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