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Quad Base

A quad cane offers the highest level of stability of all of the walking cane styles. The four-pronged large or small base quad cane is convenient because the cane stays standing, and it's more stable, giving you extra support to lean on. It can confidently help you walk across almost any type of ground including uneven surfaces without having to worry about falling or tripping. The quad walking cane is a very stable cane that is always there to support you since it has four feet. FashionableCanes.com is determined to bring style a sense of style and fashion for all the walking cane styles that we sell and we are proud to say that we have searched far and wide to bring you this exclusive selection of stylish quad canes. Each one is quality made with durable materials so you can feel confident that your purchase of a four legged cane will be a lasting one. Many of these small and large base quad canes are "convertible quad canes" which means it can be changed from a quad cane to a standard offset cane at anytime. Quad canes are often used by people who need a walking aide to recover from a medical procedure or condition and need a medical cane. Many times people will gain better balance over time and can then start using a standard offset cane which makes these dual use canes the perfect option. These quad canes will give you the sturdiness you're looking for but will also give you the stylish appeal that you deserve.

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