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Sizing Guide

Most women hats are typically a one size fits all. If your head measures between 21 1/2" – 22 1/4", then our hats will most likely fit your head. For men, there are 3 kinds of sizing types that can be found on our site. Either numerical, alphabetical or one size fits all. A one size fits all hat will be in the range of 21 1/2" – 23". If you have any concerns in how to size for a hat, please give contact us.

To measure your head, it is recommended you get a tailors tape measure and stand in front of a mirror or have a send person help you. You start at the center of your forehead right above your eyebrows and wrap the tape measure around your head. Once the loop makes it make to the start of the tape, mark down the measurement and round up to the nearest 1/8".

Small (S): 6 3/4" 21 1/4"
Small (S): 6 7/8" 21 5/8"
Medium (M): 7" 22"
Medium (M): 7 1/8" 22 3/8"
Large (L): 7 1/4" 22 3/4"
Large (L): 7 3/8" 23 1/8"
X-Large (XL): 7 1/2" 23 1/2"
X-Large (XL): 7 5/8" 24"
2X-Large (2XL): 7 3/4" 24 3/8"
2X-Large (2XL): 7 7/8" 24 3/4"

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